On this retreat you will experience yourself using the natural elements, fire, water, earth, and air, and recognize that you are the fifth element that connects all of them all the time. 

To know yourself is POWER. 

To learn about yourself through the dance of the natural elements is to experience life's creativity and your ability to create with it. 

This is for WOMEN. 

The Power of the feminine is resurfacing. 

This timeless wisdom has the power to makes men out of boys and girls into women, men into Kings, and women into Queens. 

The union of LOVE and POWER

has the ability to transmute and heal the transformation of our biology and connection with earth. 

We’re all craving it. So lets explore it. 

It’s called the Divine Feminine and I'm calling out your deepest treasures to be discovered amongst powerful women like yourself in an incredible environment. 

Let's gather. 

Activities included:

Daily meditation, movement and writing practice. 
Dancing the four natural elements; fire, water, earth and air. 
Healing the voice with Free Your voice music w. Jess Magic
Traditional Sweat Lodge with an Argentinian Elder
Guided hike through Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve
Planting trees with the local non-profit Costas Verdes
All- inclusive stunning accommodations
3 vegetarian meals/day
Transportation Options
Non- alcoholic drinks (tea, coffee, clean water)
Lounge stations, with hammocks, chairs, cozy spots for reflection
Local organic markets nearby
Double & Single Occupancy Rooms (a/c, private bath, Queen or Twin beds)
Outdoor Showers (as well as the shower in your room)
Beach Bikes
Beach Shuttles (Playa Hermosa & Playa Jaco)

“I feel amazing. This was the most free I have ever allowed myself to be”
— Megan, Wanderlust Whistler
“Thank you for your beauty! That all your experience in life has created this special gift that you bring to all the people you touch on a daily basis & lucky me to have been blessed by this process.”
— Laura, Wanderlust Squaw Valley
“Elana Meta is such a powerful, beautiful and strong and convincing presenter. I appreciate her ability to explain the elements and how they correlate with life.”
— Will, Wanderlust Vermont
Her works got teeth!
— Miki Agrawal, THINX