My life changed when I discovered that the elements; fire, water, earth and air, don't only live outside of me, they are just as much a part of me. As without, is within. 

When I connect with the elements every morning, it moves me. It strengthens my spirit, my connection to the planet and to the larger purpose of my existence. A practice then becomes more than a practice. It's a practice to embody my purpose, to remember and to commit to being the best version of myself each day. 

So... I hope you can use these videos to inspire you to connect with the elements inside of you, however it resonates. 

All my love. 



A fire practice is a great way to move stagnant energy in the body, awaken new energy and have long strides of endurance throughout the day. I love the intensity that this element sparks inside me. :] Check it out. 


This practice is wonderful to release tension in the body and wash away what no longer serves you. 



This is a great practice to sharpen and focused the mind with mindful breathing techniques, dance, and balance practices.


element: earth

This is a great practice to ground your intentions into physical action with some stretching and strength training.