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Things people are saying...

“I walked in one women and walked out another. Here’s to a new chapter. Thanks for being the beginning, and the special gift I needed to begin this healing journey.” @gypsy_palmer
— @gypsy_palmer
“In Wanderlust I met Elana Meta and she introduced me her Meta method and it was awesome. She teaches me to be free and love unconditionally. She teaches me if I want something from bottom of my heart, I can reach it. In her Meta class I feel love, passion, unity, and positive energy. Thanks to Elana I reconnect myself to my inner side and remind myself to love myself and enjoy the moments and love others. Now I really love to continue this beautiful journey and go deep inside of meditation, yoga, and dance. Since I met Elana in the wanderlust, I changed a lot. I do yoga twice per day, lost 14 pounds, do hiking in the nature, and now I do Flash Mob Dance.”
— Ardeshir Ghaffari
“Metamethod isn’t a workout, it’s a movement for the conscious crowd. Elana is an inspired leader of a new way to holistically bring mind, body and soul together in a way that just makes sense. The Metamethod is moving meditation, that moves your life forward.”
— Jeff Skult
“META is trusting yourself to combine the right elements around us to create and share the perfectly flawed version of ourselves. “
— Lulu Lemon Wanderlust team
“I found the EARTH element difficult. All the others came naturally and fluidly as movement and came with confidence. SO, I am taking on my EARTH element and CREATING and DOING IT with smile/ PLAY as my message and anchor as I leave this space.”
— Kim @ Wanderlust