HOW TO GODDESS / Digital Course


HOW TO GODDESS / Digital Course

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Here's what people have said about this Course:

"I re-learned how much I loved to dance and express myself in a physical way that was not so regimented. I loved the freedom my body felt and how easy it was for me to explore deeper parts of my psyche through movement and writing. I also learned how much I loved connecting to the earth and how much I need nature in my life."

"Absolutely amazing experience - it's good for anyone who is looking to expand their meditation practice OR especially for those who kind of have a practice but not really and want to figure out what works for them. Also perfect for people who are completely clueless to meditation, movement, what the elements are.. etc.. "

"This course is a place of comfort where you can open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It's a group of women who help support one another and help each other become a better version of themselves. This course also allows you to realize some aspects of your life that you would like to improve or change altogether. With the support of the other women you're able to take bigger strides to making this change.  "

"It's just such a beautiful experience getting to know different sides of yourself alongside ~25 fantastic women."