Meta Method is  a meditation, movement and writing practice that gives you the tools to embody your fullest potential.

It stimulates the body and quiets the mind to connect us to nature, reminding us that we are the element that connects them all.= META.

META combines nature with movement. The Method supports a healthy lifestyle that supports brain function, reduces stress levels and vitalizes the entire body function to support a healthy, joyful way of life. 

"It’s a toolbox for you to know how to access yourself." 

  It serves as a framework to give you power tools to find what works for you...naturally. 

Hey, I'm Elana and I'm here to support your METAmorphasis. So many of us recognize that there needs to be change in the world and it starts with us. How can we fix the divide in the world if we don't fix the divide in ourselves? How we act is a huge part of the issue and the solution. I am deeply committed to inviting us to strip away what’s known and delve into the world with passion and action. 


Expand the awareness and responsibility of your own path to self-love.  

Elana Meta is a woman on a mission.

Elana Meta is a dance catalyst, teacher, and creative from New York currently living in Los Angeles. She is the founder of META Method, a movement technique that stimulates the body, quiets the mind and connects us back to nature. Elana is a storyteller through movement and is one of the largest influencers in the festival dance community around the world. She has performed at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and Lincoln center alongside artists such as Beyonce, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, Michael Franti, Nahko and Thievery Corporation. She leads workshops on the Wanderlust Tour, at Esalen, and Burning Man and her mission is to inspire human potential through self-love and expression.