Activate the badass Goddess within.'s time. And if you're here, you know you're ready. 

This Digital course BEGINS THIS SUNDAY JULY 9TH! 

The feminine is an energy, not a style, sexual prowess, or body type; it is essential to learn not only how to unleash its magnificence, but also how to master its power. The power of the feminine is manifested when:

  • You feel beautiful in your body.
  • You have fallen in love with yourself.
  • You feel a quiet, yet powerful confidence.
  • You are focused on what you desire and what makes you happy.
  • You are comfortable receiving and letting go of control.
  • You are speaking your truth.
  • You are playful.
  • You are vulnerable.


       Here's What You Gain:

• Group learning + absolutely breakthrough tools that will cause exponential productivity, prosperity and impact in your life.
•Deepen the relationship with yourself and a community of women into the Feminine.
• Personal transformation so that you can embody these lessons in an inspiring and authentic way.  
•Eye opening books for the entire group to read + learning the power of masculine and feminine energy.
• Unlock your bodies intelligence + cultivate daily rituals that enhance your creatively to discover what works for you and your own expression into the world.
•Build healthier habits + set goals and accomplish them + learn what it means to be an embodied woman.



• Weekly group calls Sunday @ 6-7PM PST. 

• Coaching session with Elana Meta

• Accountable sister to have weekly check-ins 

• Read Awakening Shakti with Syllabus &

• Walk away with a new commitment and daily affirmation.

• Daily ritual practices.

 •Be open to the experience.  :)

Are you ready to crack your shell for good?

$200 for a priceless life change. 

What Charlotte said...

“The course is the most supportive, eye opening course I’ve taken yet. It will open your mind up to things that you wouldn’t have imagined to think of or do for yourself. It will show you your shadow so you can grow into your true light.”


As children, we're all born with pure love and joy. However, layers of pain, family conditioning, disappointment, fear and heartbreak from barriers against the daily experiences of love and self-love have disconnected us from our own hearts. Growing up in a male dominant society, it's challenging to see what a powerful embodied women looks like, due to layers behind our own fears and suppression.  Many women lead from the masculine because we don't know any better, and the intimacy we have with ourselves, our relationships and how we interact with the world are all effected. What if we could be incredible FEMININE leaders from being soft instead of forceful, being gentle instead of hard, being compassionate instead of judgmental, and be curious instead of linear. There's an untapped power thats ready to be awoken in all of us, both men and women. 


Ready to ignite the other side of your power?

What Palomi Said...

“The inspiration from the supportive woman around me. The new confidence and commitment I have to myself. A new group of sisters I’ve always wanted.”



1. How do I stay committed to a daily practice? I do great the first few days and then stop. What should I do differently?

2. I want to connect more to nature and myself. How do I do that while not being in nature?

3. How do I stop making the same mistakes and repeating my old patterns? I’m ready to create long-term change.

4. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. How do I dance in a way that's free and expressive without making a fool of myself?

5. I feel like there's something more to life and I can't access it. I am too busy with work and don't have time for my passions. I want to change but I have a job. Thoughts?

6. I have practices. I just don't do them. I am ready to be happy, feel good in my body and not have so much chatter in my mind. Help!

7. I want to get organized and call in the partner I know I deserve. Yet, I keep seeing the same habits that don't serve me or I'm attracting the "wrong" person. Suggestions?   


Yup... We've all been there. And what better way to get out of self doubt and lack of encouragement than with a group of relatable women.  This system of accountability is here to pick you up when you fall and encourage your spirits back up again.  

You never really fall anyway... it's just getting use to the up and down dance of life. ;]

Ready to take this course with US?

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“ My greatest takeaway has been learning how to embrace myself and how to set intentions for my truth. I was kind of operating on autopilot for a long time, caught between a demanding job, pursuit of my hobbies, managing a relationship and my social life, there wasn't much room in my head or my heart to really tune in to how *I* felt and what *I* wanted. The HTG course forced me to do this, and now it's become a habit. :) “
“The course is the most supportive, eye opening course I've taken yet. It will open your mind up to things that you wouldn't have imagined to think of or do for yourself. It will show you your shadow so you can grow into your true light.”
“Recognizing that all of these goddesses are already within me and the more that I can bring my awareness to their powers the more I can cultivate them in my life to become the greatest version of myself. “
“How To Goddess is an open forum journey of self-discovery if you're willing to commit to it. The book provides structure, but in the end it's your own personal journey - and what you put into it is what you'll get out of it.”
“I would recommend this course to anyone trying to tap into something spiritually they can’t quite grasp but can sense is within reach. “
“Learning more about myself. I feel fired up and overflowing with inspiration to go deeper into this work as well as share it. “
The inspiration from the supportive woman around me. The new confidence and commitment I have to myself. A new group of sisters I've always wanted.”



March 8-29th on Wednesdays 7-10pm PST

This one month course in Venice, LA guides you through models to go deeper than ever before on core ideas to help you revolutionize your mindset of what it means to be Feminine! In a group setting, embody your confidence + fearlessness and learn how to access that woman you’ve always wanted to know, that lives inside you. 

How To Goddess is a system that leverages a powerful community of peers all heading towards our goals. We're setting ourselves up for effective results, embodied commitments and mutual support to strengthen our discipline and self-love as Women. 


“Working with Elana has brought new vitality to my work, relationships, and self.”
— Jaclyn R.
OMG I had no idea what a FEMININE Woman was until I became one!
— Annie Edwar
“I walked in one women and out another. Here’s to a new chapter. Thanks for being the beginning, and the special gift I needed to begin this healing journey.” @gypsy_palmer
“META is trusting yourself to combine the right elements around us to create the perfectly flawed version of ourselves. “
— Lulu Lemon Team
“I met Elana while she taught META Method at Wanderlust Festival. She taught me to be free, love unconditionally, and live from my heart. In her Meta class I feel love, passion, unity, and positive energy. Thanks to Elana I reconnected myself to my inner love, joy and movement. Since I started working with Elana, I lost 14 pounds, do hiking in the nature, and now I do Flash Mob Dance.”
— Ardeshir Ghaffari

You ready for you?