Climaxes, Managing Expectations and Time...

We live in a society where the pinnacle moments are the only ones that seem to matter - where 99% of our time is spent in the valleys between. 

Recently, I found myself in a situation in which I was quick to make something happen rather than appreciate the walk through that valley. 

I was about to launch a massive new project with an incredible team of women pre-maturely. It's as if I sought to defy time and process. "Time can't touch me!" was my mentality. 

I thought we had the tricks and tools to accomplish it all and to jump our way through an impossible time frame.

And in this,
I became tense...
I became hard...
I held resentment for friends and family that "got in my way."
I had no TIME for anything besides jumping over the hurdle of "impossible."

I almost cracked.

...But then I got vulnerable. 
I managed to get out of the way and halter my own preconceived expectations, allowing myself to  see this beautiful vision in front of us. Yes, it now has a longer time-line than we originally projected, but in this, we realized we do have all the tools to make the impossible possible.

Its time to check expectations at the door and have no demands of... well... time. 

Take away:
Go for your dreams and make your dreams your reality. Things take time. With patience, persistence and perspiration, it makes an unbeatable combination for success.
...and share your fruits among community. 

Posted on June 6, 2017 .