#Get Woke

     I believe the world is craving The Woman. Capital T & W!  The Woman that is confident, sexy, gentle and powerful in her own magic.  She is Feminine, the healer, the Goddess and more than the sum of all her parts. 
I believe it is the education of Feminine energy that will balance the world, as clearly, it's been misunderstood. 

      We all share energy that is both Feminine and Masculine. Think of it as yin and yang, contrasting and complimentary to one another. Yet, the Feminine has been lost in our fast-paced and linear world. We've denied a whole side of ourselves. 
Has there been a time where you've wanted to relax and get out of your head, to soften, to be vulnerable, to play and make space to get creative, yet you don't quite know how? If so, this is the lost side of the Feminine.  (But don't worry, we're fixing that with the HOW TO GODDESS course.  ;) )

     It is time to connect to our wholeness, fullness and limitless power. To fully unleash our power, we must embrace all sides of ourselves. Masculine, Feminine and everything in-between...even if we don't like it. (Yet.)  

Tips on How To Tap Into Your Feminine:

Tips for the Women:
1. Don't do so much. (This is your permission slip to sit still!)
2. Move your body. (Play some music and let your hips move!) 
2. Lotion your body (Amazing to do after the shower. Receive.) 
3. Have a girls night (Get your nails done. Engage in a creative activity.)

Tips for the Men: 
1. Let her speak, don't rush her and listen. (Don't try and fix her. What she wants to say may take a few takes.)
2. Let her decide where you go to dinner and the movies. (Let her lead.)
3. Be emotionally available. (It's powerful to be vulnerable.)  
4. Keep your phone away while speaking and being social with others. (Your presence is safety and power.) 

     I challenge you to see how you can be more Feminine every day. See that maybe this is exactly what you've been looking for.  Here's some more info if you want to take a deeper dive into this thought.  Feminine Energy in the Office. 

Become that Feminine Goddess...

Posted on February 15, 2017 .