Dear Men,

You cannot have me. I am not yours yet I’m available with an open heart. I will speak to your spirit and possible knock you over with love from great gaia and it is your respsonbility to lift yourself back up. 

I am not your soul mate, yet a dear mate to your soul that will confuse your mind because your body has begun to sing.

This thing between you and me is not meant to be aside from the truth of being in this moment. Don’t linger it and bring us to a place beyond this place where you cast me in all of your dreams. 

I am not here to break you, except to open you up for the love thats available in you, breaking to come through.

I am the butterfly that floats by on that day when you said yes to the magic. Be with the beauty rather than take us out of it and place us in a nowhere land of no existence. The magic will leave in an instance. Trace back the confusion off your face that this needs to continue and you have found the butterfly you’ve been looking for. Never letting me go and placing me in a jar.

I appreciate your generous offer kind one, but this is the moment i leave you, for these wings take flight for the META view. For you cannot have me, yet I am available for all the possibilities. 

Posted on March 8, 2016 .