To the Ponderers and Wanderers

Hey ponderers and wanderers,

After tracking the desert at Burning man for two weeks and Vipassana, a 10 day silent meditation retreat, I'm on the other side. Two contrasting experiences; one rambunctious and the other silent.

I've come to the conclusion I know nothing. All I can claim is my experience in each moment. And then it's gone. And then another moment arrises. How I choose to act in each moment is on me. 

The only truth I know is that we're all connected. The moment I feel disconnected to this truth, I know I am not in my fullest alignment. How can we get into the practice of embodying this knowing? How can it be something experienced rather than intellectualized? What if we were to seek ourselves? To hear what our voices sound like without outside influences? Taking the risk to be found and not intellectualizing "be here now" but actually experiencing it. I hope for us all to reconnect to the deep truth of why we are here. We all have gifts. They all serve a purpose. It is all of our own responsibility to go out and live it.

Posted on October 3, 2016 .