I've had enough.

Hello Dear Friend and fellow resistance fighter! 

I continue to have resistance to my own personal development and I've had ENOUGH!
It's a moments like these where we need to make the conscious choice to STOP. 
Great!...now how? 

By creating the physical act of sitting down, dancing around and starting to work, it gives opportunity to produce infallible yet mysterious sequences of inspiration moving through us. If I build the container, the creativity will move through me. If the container isn't there, then the muse within me will not come. And yes, it's hard to get there. Why? Because resistance is in the way! 

So how do we move past the resistance?!

Here are some tips that have helped me:
1. Own it! Acknowledge the resistance and separate it from the truth that's behind that wall.
2. Stop Lying! Whenever you have fear or project something in the future that blocks you from what you want, Call yourself out on the LIE! "That is NOT TRUE!" 
3. Evening Gratitudes! Write what you're Grateful for every evening. This helps resistance because it creates perspective larger than self. When in a state of gratitude, the impossible is possible.
4. Manifesting Mornings! What are you creating every morning? Set the tone for the day. Write down 3 things you're manifesting that day, the week or month. Begin to call it in and have it in your mind as a tool to guide your essence. 
5. Ground and Center. Notice those moments when you're feeling stressed, anxious, off your center and then BREATHE! Hold your belly and take a few deep breaths that bring you back to your commitments to self-love and your body. 

...So whenever your resistance comes up, you have these 5 tools to bring you back to YOU. 

Posted on August 16, 2016 .