Unraveling the Current I Fall Into

Unraveling the current I fall into absolutely nothing.

I fall into no ones arms.

I fall alone in the lightest room that feels dark in my heart.

I am surrounded by millions of people when really I love to be by my side. I fall into this place of grace and calm equilibrium. A love in my heart that only I can comfort.

I fall...

And everyone except me is there to catch me. These wings that have become so expansive that no one will fly with me. Not even you.

When I unravel the current I see just us here. Me and Me.

Tale with patient faith waiting for nothing landed in the present of the presence in a chaotic place of colorful wonder.

I hallucinate the idea of butterflies everywhere and it will always be a happy beginning and end. Its been fun to pretend, but the tears can’t hide any longer from the unraveling truth of my existence. You’re all going to listen to me whether its today, tomorrow or the days from now. I will find the right words to go with my groove,  and they will be perfect.

Posted on July 29, 2015 .