No More Cellphone Conversations

I am on the phone a lot. My phone will be in my hand as I have conversations with people in front of me and it's disrespectful to myself and others. If I am going to be somewhere, I want to be there with presence and not have a things like my phone pulling me into a virtual reality. When I do this, I watch myself become indecisive in all my choices because I am not giving my full attention to either place; my surroundings or the world on my phone. My intention to listen becomes blocked because I don't know where to give my attention. Listening is key here. Honoring myself is key here. Being respectful to myself and therefor others is key here. From now on, as part of my META Method, I will not hold my phone as I am engaged in conversation. I will not be texting as I am speaking or “listening to another person.” I will be mindful of the tasks that I want to accomplish and give my intentions the attention they deserve.

Posted on July 20, 2015 .