META Feathers at Mysteryland Festival

 "Meta’s feather station sat peacefully on the vendor hill radiating positive energy, attracting festival-goers to her magnetic connection. “For me, it’s all about the essence that I’m bringing and if it’s in alignment with my message. My dance and feathers are enhancers of the vibe to love, give and express. My art is a way to express, therefore connect deeper with others and what I contribute to community and a space.” Meta shares how she forms bonds with other festival attendees, “I resonate with givers and people who are inspired to inspire. I can’t connect authentically with others if I’m not with myself. That’s why it’s super important to find out what it is that makes us close with ourselves and I believe art is the greatest gift and medium to do that.” Sharing British-accented mystical personas, Elana’s best friend, Alexa Levy, also music lover and an elementary school teacher and social change activist by day, played on Mysteryland’s grounds seeking dance opportunities and interesting interactions. “The power and display of community is my favorite part of being at a festival,” she radiates." 

Posted on June 9, 2015 .