Let Go And You'll Know

My mind ungrounded in decisions unseen,

Feeling the thoughts that want to come clean,

There's a surrender I know, to create a new,

Deepen the truth for the soul to come through.

Struggle to be quite in pretending the silence,

Know it's my choice to follow my guidance.

With a breath in the eyes and motion of waves,

My mind becomes open and starts to behave.

I see the doorway to spirit - create my wheel,

Aware of surroundings; aware how I feel.

She's smiles, trusting the evolved to be,

A knowing of self that blesses the free.

Connected on the inhale connected to the core,

Eagle in flight as I enter through its door.

A smile to the east and a smile to the known,

Where we've flown, there's a universal tone.

Message clear as I speak wide open,

The path is here, the one I've chosen.

Power of the medicine deep within trance,

This is you're power this is your sacred dance.

You've known all along, just go back to what's true,

Connect with your spirit for your life to peruse… and truly, we know exactly what to do.

Posted on February 15, 2015 .