Tips for you to get to you.

10 Tips to give yourself love & clean your energy:

1. Before you get out of bed, put your hands on your heart. Say, "Hello, thank you. I love you." 
2. Drink a glass of water.
3. Turn your phone on airplane mode for 30 minutes and read.
4. Next time you go outside, take 3 breaths while looking at the sky. 
5. Brush the outside of your body from your head to feet with your hands. Wiping off any emotions and unnecessary energy. 
6. Before you make decisions this week, PAUSE. Take a breath, drop into your gut and LISTEN for the answer. 
7. Light a candle and incense. Watch the flame for 1 minute.
8. Write 3 powerful sentences to yourself. "I am healthy, strong, and present."
9. Allow yourself to rest. It's okay to feel tired. (A lot of us have been working hard.)
10. At the end of your day, close your eyes with your hands on your heart. "Hello, you are safe, you are free, thank you so much...I love you."


5 Fun ways to get to know yourself: Write, Dance, Sing, Create, Sit.

1. Get a journal or grab a pen and paper and start writing with this promo…” Who I really am is…"
With no judgement, see what comes out. WRITE Let the pen flow and allow this to be a free write of creativity. When you are in the creative process, there is no space for corrections, that is not part of this first phase the same way you have to eat the food before you can even consider digesting it. So eat. 

2. Put on some music. What do you look like dancing as you? No judgement on yourself.  DANCE. Just simply have fun. Laugh at yourself, better yet, laugh with yourself and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable until you find yourself getting down to the groove.
Here are some music artist recommendations:
Tracy Chapman, Purity Ring, Random Rab, The Human Experience, Banks, Dream Koala, & Ayla Nereo. 

3. Learn the lyrics or make up your own...SING. 

4. Pick out a photo of yourself that you love. Maybe recent or when you were a child. Cut out your face and get a big piece of card board and place is smack in the center. Get 2-4 magazines that range in demographic. Ex: Cosmo, National Geographic, TimeOUT, Yogajournal. 
Grab those sizzors and glue stick and begin to cut and paste what resonates with you. What is it that you’re creating? Put on some good tunes. CREATE. Let yourself do this for an hour and witness the magic that can happen! (Take a photo and share your vision board here!)

5. SIT in silence. If you don’t want to meditate, you don’t have too, but what do you feel like when you’re in the company of yourself. Do you feel safe? Is there a lot of noise? What are the thoughts and who is the voice that keeps talking if any? Notice… Record the chatter if you’d like. Close your eyes. Say to yourself. “Hello, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” over and over… See if there’s an emotion that comes up. If so, allow the emotion to be acknowledged inviting you to take the next initiation into getting closer to your truth and feeling into who you truly are. 

Let me know if this helps you! <3  

Posted on October 18, 2015 .