Where's Your Focus?

There are times when I feel overwhelmed and over extended. No one else feels this, right? ;]
It's in those times I gotta check-IN and see what's draining my energy! 

My energy gets drained when I give attention to things that aren't aligned with my dreams, goals and commitments.
Yet how would I know what's draining my energy if I never asked myself, "What am I committed too that fuels my dreams?" 

Our actions show us what we're committed to and sometimes that can be frightening! 


...because maybe what we give our attention to what isn't aligned with our higher dreams and goals.

I have found that when I clarify my commitments, I stay focused rather than pulled down and distracted in old patterns. 

Our beliefs have the power to create us or destroy us. I've learned that if I have a single drop of lingering doubt, then well, my goals and commitments ain't happening.


Here are tips:
1. Change your mind set-  If your story is, "I can't", "It's selfish", "I am not worthy."... then, hey!...you're right! But NOW, you have the opportunity to COMMIT to writing a new story.
2. Choose to commit to your goal or dream- If you don't know what you're committed to, then how can you create goals towards your dreams? Figure it out, Know it. Write it down and put it on your bathroom mirror.
3. Pursue relentless action aligned to your commitment. - This could start with a meditation, moving your body in new ways, and a daily affirmation, saying what you're committed to. This process will help shape oriented goals. 
4. Trust the process-  There is a transition period between A & B. Embrace the change that may feel unsettling. It's part of it and people will help along the way if you let them.
5. Show sincere gratitude for the help and results- A daily Gratitude Practice shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. In addition, behavioral and psychological research has shown the surprising life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, it improves health, and it reduces stress.

...And maybe you already know a tip that you're finally ready to listen to. ;]

Posted on March 20, 2017 .

#Get Woke

     I believe the world is craving The Woman. Capital T & W!  The Woman that is confident, sexy, gentle and powerful in her own magic.  She is Feminine, the healer, the Goddess and more than the sum of all her parts. 
I believe it is the education of Feminine energy that will balance the world, as clearly, it's been misunderstood. 

      We all share energy that is both Feminine and Masculine. Think of it as yin and yang, contrasting and complimentary to one another. Yet, the Feminine has been lost in our fast-paced and linear world. We've denied a whole side of ourselves. 
Has there been a time where you've wanted to relax and get out of your head, to soften, to be vulnerable, to play and make space to get creative, yet you don't quite know how? If so, this is the lost side of the Feminine.  (But don't worry, we're fixing that with the HOW TO GODDESS course.  ;) )

     It is time to connect to our wholeness, fullness and limitless power. To fully unleash our power, we must embrace all sides of ourselves. Masculine, Feminine and everything in-between...even if we don't like it. (Yet.)  

Tips on How To Tap Into Your Feminine:

Tips for the Women:
1. Don't do so much. (This is your permission slip to sit still!)
2. Move your body. (Play some music and let your hips move!) 
2. Lotion your body (Amazing to do after the shower. Receive.) 
3. Have a girls night (Get your nails done. Engage in a creative activity.)

Tips for the Men: 
1. Let her speak, don't rush her and listen. (Don't try and fix her. What she wants to say may take a few takes.)
2. Let her decide where you go to dinner and the movies. (Let her lead.)
3. Be emotionally available. (It's powerful to be vulnerable.)  
4. Keep your phone away while speaking and being social with others. (Your presence is safety and power.) 

     I challenge you to see how you can be more Feminine every day. See that maybe this is exactly what you've been looking for.  Here's some more info if you want to take a deeper dive into this thought.  Feminine Energy in the Office. 

Become that Feminine Goddess...

Posted on February 15, 2017 .

Expect Nothing. Prepare for Everything.

   I've heard from many people that 2016 was a tough year. Yet, as it stands, here we are, stronger than ever and more prepared for what's to come. Out of great fear and pain, comes great beauty. Out of tension comes transformation. Art is birthed from these ashes, gifting healing to our emotional grief and political turmoil. Now we stand with choices on how to take on the next year. 
      So how do I plan to take on the future? To be present in the love that is here right now. To get creative beyond my wildest dreams. To surround myself with good company and collectively see how we can create impactful change, that I play just as hard as I work, and reach for the stars as I deepen my roots.

       Amidst the challenging transition that we are facing this Friday, lets remember the importance of optimism and openness, trust, tolerance and teamwork, creativity, learning,  growth and kindness,  critical thinking while leading from the heart, and a willingness to embrace change. 

     If there's any more lingering fears or pain being carried, make this the final slice to those stories and transition into action using the love and power that lives in our hearts. 
You know what I'm taking about. We have work to do. 

“On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord…” — President Barack Obama

Posted on January 11, 2017 .


Hello fellow spirits, 

3 weeks at Standing Rock changed my life.  Seth and I were there representing Unify to capture the stories on the ground. Our team created powerful media that I am thrilled to share with you below. 

Standing Rock...A place fueled by spirit and powered by water.

We came a long way at Standing Rock to support a battle that has been happening before many of us arrived. Many came with anger, passion and love, that quickly united in the power of prayer. The Native American Sioux tribe has exampled compassion for all of us to learn and grow from with each action on the front lines. We were there to pray, protect sacred water and mend relationships with our native brothers and sisters. The journey we’ve cultivated together merges politics with spirit and is the access point for all nations and peoples to return to our hearts. From having over 10,000 people come to Standing Rock to pray, The Army Corps of Engineers decline the easement of the pipeline, and a forgiveness ceremony with the U.S veterans for military actions conducted against Natives throughout history, we are shaping hope for the future. We stand stronger than ever in spite of the growing evidence that the Energy Transfer Partners will continue to drill. We pray that the whole world will stand with us knowing that this is not over.  Now more than ever, we ask you to join us in prayer and support this movement and realize it is our choice, oil or water.


1. How to take your money out of the banks that support these pipelines!
2. Help those at Standing Rock.

Top 4 take aways from our native brothers and sisters:
1. I learned about decolonization and how to unite within these systems and walls that have become normalized.
2. How entitlement is violence and is an example of dividing us even further rather than creating new modalities for self-love and the collective.
3. While there was so much to take in, it was essential that we were there at Standing Rock with the attitude of “What can I give?” opposed to “What can I get?”.  
4. We stood as Water Protectors with no violence on our side, which I don’t believe has ever happened before in history for a protest. We didn’t just want peace. We had to become peace. 


We are called Water Protectors because we are protecting and praying, not just for ourselves, but for the law officials shooting water cannons, grenades, and mace at us. We are dealing with a human rights issue and what we're experiencing is money and large corporations taking priority over the safety and rights of all people.  We pray for peace for the whole planet and know this is greater than Standing Rock. This is just the beginning. The movement has begun, and you're a part of it. 

If there’s an intention for stepping into this new year, it’s to realize that none of us are excused from this conversation. We must plan now for the future ahead and have more conversations with friends and family to address these issues. I encourage everyone to post away and not be afraid of being  judged on social media. To share what side you're on and let your voices be heard. To realize the power of your actions and how we are the change makers...we have to remember that. 

So with your power, aware of the chaos happening in the world, what are you gonna do in 2017? 

1. How to take your money out of the banks that support these pipelines!
2. Help those at Standing Rock through the winter. 

Posted on December 18, 2016 .

To the Ponderers and Wanderers

Hey ponderers and wanderers,

After tracking the desert at Burning man for two weeks and Vipassana, a 10 day silent meditation retreat, I'm on the other side. Two contrasting experiences; one rambunctious and the other silent.

I've come to the conclusion I know nothing. All I can claim is my experience in each moment. And then it's gone. And then another moment arrises. How I choose to act in each moment is on me. 

The only truth I know is that we're all connected. The moment I feel disconnected to this truth, I know I am not in my fullest alignment. How can we get into the practice of embodying this knowing? How can it be something experienced rather than intellectualized? What if we were to seek ourselves? To hear what our voices sound like without outside influences? Taking the risk to be found and not intellectualizing "be here now" but actually experiencing it. I hope for us all to reconnect to the deep truth of why we are here. We all have gifts. They all serve a purpose. It is all of our own responsibility to go out and live it.

Posted on October 3, 2016 .

Standing Rock Pipe Line

Standing Rock Pipeline

Thousands of protesters are in North Dakota at Standing Rock to decry an oil pipeline that will go through ND, Iowa and Illinois carrying half a million tons of crude oil every day. If there is any leak, the oil will contaminate the whole Mississippi River. "This pipeline threatens the lives of the more than 17 million people who rely on the Missouri River for their water."

Let's not forget recent history... Here's this trailer of DeepWater Horizon (Now in theaters. I saw it and it was devastatingly powerful), where the BP were trying to save $$, and it ended up being the worst oil spill in US history.  

Posted on September 22, 2016 .

I've had enough.

Hello Dear Friend and fellow resistance fighter! 

I continue to have resistance to my own personal development and I've had ENOUGH!
It's a moments like these where we need to make the conscious choice to STOP. 
Great!...now how? 

By creating the physical act of sitting down, dancing around and starting to work, it gives opportunity to produce infallible yet mysterious sequences of inspiration moving through us. If I build the container, the creativity will move through me. If the container isn't there, then the muse within me will not come. And yes, it's hard to get there. Why? Because resistance is in the way! 

So how do we move past the resistance?!

Here are some tips that have helped me:
1. Own it! Acknowledge the resistance and separate it from the truth that's behind that wall.
2. Stop Lying! Whenever you have fear or project something in the future that blocks you from what you want, Call yourself out on the LIE! "That is NOT TRUE!" 
3. Evening Gratitudes! Write what you're Grateful for every evening. This helps resistance because it creates perspective larger than self. When in a state of gratitude, the impossible is possible.
4. Manifesting Mornings! What are you creating every morning? Set the tone for the day. Write down 3 things you're manifesting that day, the week or month. Begin to call it in and have it in your mind as a tool to guide your essence. 
5. Ground and Center. Notice those moments when you're feeling stressed, anxious, off your center and then BREATHE! Hold your belly and take a few deep breaths that bring you back to your commitments to self-love and your body. 

...So whenever your resistance comes up, you have these 5 tools to bring you back to YOU. 

Posted on August 16, 2016 .

How to get what you want.

"The only way to get what you really want is to know what you really want. 
The only way to know what you really want is to know yourself. 
The only way to know yourself is to be yourself. 
And the only way to be yourself,  is to listen to your heart. " - The Universe

I've learned to listen to my heart in the moments when I'm still. 
When my body is relaxed, I let the voice under the surface rise.
That is the voice I choose to move with in this dance we call life. 

Posted on July 14, 2016 .